About smithery

Baltų Kalvė is a small creative workshop located at the seashore, in the city of Klaipėda. Namely here, unique and power-radiating handmade articles are born.
This workshop is a place to work for three professional metal craftsmen / artists who acquired their higher education in Vilnius Academy of Arts, and a designer who has a master’s degree of Vilnius Academy of Arts. We are professionals with extensive experience in the field of metal processing.
Designing involves modern computer technologies and classic sketching. This ensures unique and individual project created for you, which realises your personal vision. From a picture on a sheet of paper to the final implementation of the project in the environment of your interior or exterior. Flexible cooperation with a customer during the complete creative process allows us to provide you with the required result.
Articles of craftsmen combine smithery with bronze castings, parts from brass and copper, and also with wood, stone, etc. Our work includes interior design, summerhouse design and manufacturing, production of staircases, staircase railings, and various furniture.
Exclusive features of Baltų Kalvė are a combination of traditional craft with professional design, particularly high product quality, and meticulous designing and manufacturing.